As always we are looking at ideas to make Shipping Container access easy and one of the biggest issues is the sometimes difficult task ofopening the shipping container doors. Especially if you are not too strong it’s unfair to expect you to be able to do this with ease. I have been inthis industry for as long as I can remember and container door opening has always been an issue.

The older the container, the bigger the problem.​

For over 30 years I have made up and had tools that assist with opening the doors on shipping containers. My first simple version was a scaffold tube flattened just to extend the handle. So after all this time I bring you “isolever” and adaption of this simple concept. What makes our door opening tool different from others? Our “Isolever” is designed to fit over the door handle and up to the door handle hub creating the best possible additional lever action.

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Many people make the same mistake and try and open the wrong door or the wrong door handles. The right hand door is always the first door you have to open. This is general practice on all standard ISO Shipping Containers. Firstly spin or swivel up the custom catches, there are two on each door. You’ll notice that your container is fitted with locking bars which go top to bottom.

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Breaking News

Our concept “Isolever” goes into full production with massive order from one of the UK logistics companies. We are pleased to announce our design for shipping container and truck door opening tool has gone to the next level.

After extensive trials the tool is to be adopted by Maritime Transport Group with an initial order to cover a huge part of the trucking fleet. As the website shows its unique design and capability makes it the must have piece of kit for any shipping container depots or trucks.

Fab and Site UK ( Owners of Isolever) would like to thanks our friends at Maritime Haulage for the video showing how to safely use this tool. We would also like to extend our thanks to Mr Gary Weatherhead (head of Risk and Compliance at Maritime Transport) whose knowledge and understanding of Health and Safety in the industry has proved invaluable.